Trailer: Welcome to The Career Dad Show

Welcome to The Career Dad Show

Hi, I’m Dan Reed, and welcome to The Career Dad Show. If you haven’t heard of The Career Dad Show… or Career Dad… you might be thinking “What the heck is this all about?” – and who’d blame you! This first episode answers that very question, so whilst you’re more than welcome to read on… personally, I’d just hit play.
So you’ve decided to read on, eh? Fair enough. Well, The Career Dad Show is the podcast for What’s that? Right… well, Career Dad is a community for dads who want to balance work with family. It’s for dads who want to earn that promotion, but also want to take the kids to school. It’s for dads who want a rewarding career, but not at the expense of their family.
It’s probably for dads like you. It’s definitely for dads like me. Since I started focussing on my career in my mid-20s, I understood that – one day – my family life may suffer as a consequence of me rising through the ranks. Then the day came when I actually had a family, and I realised I didn’t want that previous scenario to become a reality. But I still wanted the career. That led to many an internal battle, feelings of guilt when I was away, and ultimately not giving my family – or my career – my all.
Now I’m in a space where I feel the balance is there. Mostly. Some days it’s more “there” than others, but that’s the whole point of balance, right? The one thing that’s been able to help me the most is to talk about it. Shocker. So, whilst on paternity leave with my second child, I thought: why isn’t there a space for guys to talk about wanting to succeed in their careers, but also wanting to be a modern-day family guy?
So I created it. Ta da! And in a nutshell, that’s what you’ll get from The Career Dad Show. Interviews with other dads about topics close to their hearts. You’ll hear their stories, both good and bad. You’ll hear their tips for success. You’ll hear their worries and fears. But most importantly – you’ll hear them!
So go on, have a listen and see what you think. Make sure to hit subscribe, too, as you won’t want to miss the weekly episodes.


  • 0m 56s: Teaser for Episode 1 – Paternity leave
  • 1m 19s: What to expect from The Career Dad Show
  • 2m 31s: Intro to Dad Talk
  • 3m 24s: What is Career Dad?
  • 4m 59s: Why did I start Career Dad?
  • 6m 22s: Who is Career Dad for?
  • 6m 46s: Why should you care?

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