Episode 63: I’ll do it when…, with Chris Thomas

Episode 63: I’ll do it when…, with Chris Thomas

Starting a marketing agency just before Covid wasn’t part of the plan, but 12 months later and Yonder is going from strength to strength. 

Chris left his well-paid corporate gig to fulfil a decade-long dream, and also adopted two kids along the way. Chris shares his take on digital marketing and business, as well as the emotions around adopting. 

There never was the right time to do any of this, but at some point Chris realised that when he said ‘I’ll do it when…’ was just another way of saying ‘I’m afraid to’. So he did it.

More about Chris

Website: www.yonderagency.com

Instagram: @beardedcbass

LinkedIn: Chris Thomas


  • 1m 21s: I grew up in a Southern Baptist Preacher’s house
  • 6m 01s: Empathy has been the key to success
  • 12m 21s: Turning down Disney was turning down a dream
  • 15m 48s: That classic side-hustle
  • 18m 26s: The decision to adopt
  • 30m 18s: ‘Balance’ is a constant struggle, but golf helps
  • 36m 11s: The future of Yonder
  • 37m 48s: You don’t have to be perfect

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