Episode 60: Empowering Fathers, with Chris Salem

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Episode 60: Empowering Fathers, with Chris Salem

Chris had a successful career in corporate sales, taking on the highs and lows that came with it. As he says, ‘I was operating from a place of low self esteem’. 

He’s overcome addictions and now is happily married, and has a 13 year old son – who Chris is proud to be the father to that he didn’t have. 

Chris also started the EFA Movement: Empowered Fathers in Action, which helps good dads become great dads.


  • 1m 21s: The lifestyle of a sales person
  • 3m 58s: Operating from a place of low self esteem
  • 5m 45s: Becoming the dad that I wanted to have
  • 8m 04s: My son and virtual learning
  • 10m 15s: The Fortnite debate and staying safe online
  • 13m 45s: Co-dependent vs inter-dependent
  • 19m 42s: How do you map your future?
  • 21m 36s: EFA: Empowered Fathers in Action
  • 27m 47s: Given what you’ve been through… would you change any of it?
  • 29m 56s: It all starts with Wellness (and the 8 pillars)
  • 34m 15s: What are the hopes for your son?
  • 37m 10s: Fatherly advice: Learn to relate and understand your children

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