Episode 6: Recruitment and the workplace, with Rowan Fisk

Episode 6: Recruitment and the workplace, with Rowan Fisk

Rowan is a recruitment consultant. He spends his entire day speaking with candidates and companies alike, matching people with jobs. It’s traditionally not a 9-5 job: think about it… what times do you speak to recruiters? When his daughter Lyra was born (awesome name, #HisDarkMaterials), Rowan and his wife decided London was no longer the right place for them. So they moved to York.

Flexible working played a key role in their decision, so it’s no surprise this is a focus of our conversation. We also talk about how the needs of employees is changing, and how salary is not as important as it once was. As Rowan articulates very clearly: companies that do not adapt their culture are going to lose their top talent over the next 10 years. And, it’s already happening now.

I also ask Rowan: who are the 3 worst companies to work for in terms of employee satisfaction? Let’s see if I can get him to spill the beans…


  • 2m 02s: Introducing Rowan
  • 4m 24s: Reasons for moving from London to York
  • 7m 52s: Commuter talk
  • 11m 41s: Balance: itโ€™s a marathon, not a sprint
  • 16m 01s: Technology and kids
  • 19m 21s: Recruitment: the evolution of employee loyalty
  • 22m 38s: Trust: itโ€™s the wrong way round
  • 29m 14s: Where are companies getting this rightโ€ฆ and wrong
  • 34m 05s: Purpose-driven businesses
  • 36m 44s: Shared parental leave

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