Episode 58: The Pursuit of Perfection, with Jonathan Horton

The Pursuit of Perfection Jonathan Horton

Episode 58: The Pursuit of Perfection, with Jonathan Horton

Olympian Gymnast, American Ninja Warrior star and all-round nice guy Jonathan Horton joins me to share his story of getting to the Olympics, and why it’s so important to set goals and visualise them.

Jonathan Horton is a retired American gymnast who has 2 Olympic medals to his name. When Jonathan was just 4 years old his mum lost him in a department stores.ย 

He was found quickly, albeit 25 feet up a support beam heโ€™d climbed up. The next day he was enrolled into a gymnastics class.

The key phrase that sticks out for me is when Jonathan says: ‘People give up on success because they havenโ€™t seen a version of success that they want’. That’s powerful!


  • 1m 29s: An unconventional route to gymnastics
  • 5m 54s: Patience and determination in parenthood
  • 8m 16s: 12 years of losing (and what kept me going)
  • 11m 58s: What holds us back?
  • 15m 02s: Trying Brazilian JuJitsu
  • 17m 03s: Path to the Olympics
  • 21m 07s: The Pursuit of Perfection
  • 25m 01s: Goal setting, and big picture goals
  • 28m 15s: Why I believe in visualisation
  • 32m 30s: 6 years of America Ninja Warrior
  • 34m 50s: Being dad

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