Episode 56: The most important thing (at that time), with Ross Burbeary

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Episode 56: The most important thing (at that time), with Ross Burbeary

Ross is the Performance Manager for Rotherham United Football Club; basically, he helps professional athletes to be at the top of their game. 

But it’s not just science; it’s empathy, too. There’s so much packed into this episode, including a look at performance anxiety and the impact fans can have on an athlete’s wellbeing.

Ross’ job sees him spending time away from his wife and kids, and as he puts it: ‘I can’t put the phone away in the bottom drawer… what if a player needs a medical first thing in the morning?’

We talk about working through guilt and feeling pretty rubbish, which lead to Ross’ mantra of whatever he is doing, it must be the most important thing at that time… or he wouldn’t be doing it.


  • 1m 15s: Performance Manager for Rotherham Utd FC
  • 4m 24s: A typical day
  • 6m 19s: Transferable skills
  • 9m 03s: Can you repeat the question?
  • 10m 46s: Hard science vs empathy
  • 12m 52s: The impact of fans on athletes
  • 16m 10s: Performance Anxiety in elite athletes 
  • 20m 43s: Fatherhood in lockdown
  • 23m 50s: Struggling to make ‘meaningful time’
  • 26m 28s: Work can be more important than your family
  • 29m 36s: One of the best jobs in the world
  • 33m 06s: Best parental advice

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