Episode 55: Lemons to Lemonade, with Arn Terry

Episode 55: Lemons to Lemonade, with Arn Terry

Arn Terry was an international headhunter earning a great 6-figure package when the 2008 recession hit. Work dried up overnight, meaning Arn had to hustle harder than ever before, whist also taking on a second job. 

He talks about making ends meet, being an absent father, and struggling with guilt and embarrassment. He rode the wave through, and since set up his own company. When Covid hit he was much more prepared.

Arn now runs his own social media company, Free Town Mindset.


  • 1m 03s: Recruiter by day, social media guy by night
  • 2m 38s: Recruitment during the 2008 recession 
  • 5m 52s: Picking up a second job at Tesco
  • 7m 55s: There was no time for family
  • 9m 10s: Embarrassed about needing a second job
  • 11m 38s: Work ethic
  • 14m 01s: Light at the end of the tunnel
  • 17m 38s: Setting out on my own
  • 19m 02s: My life revolved around the school run
  • 20m 34s: Kidsโ€™ reaction to stopping breakfast club
  • 22m 37s: Going from six figures to nothing
  • 28m 07s: Training recruiters to be social sellers
  • 32m 28s: Instilling knowledge and wisdom into our kids
  • 36m 01s: My kids have monetised their blogs
  • 39m 17s: My best parenting advice

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