Episode 54: Wishman, with Frank Shankwitz

Episode 54: Wishman, with Frank Shankwitz

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has granted wishes to hundreds and thousands of children all over the world. But none of that would have been possible if it wasn’t for the idea of one man: Frank Shankwitz.

Frank joins me on The Career Dad Show to talk about how a chance encounter with a terminally ill 7 year old boy, Chris, changed his life… and the lives of so many others.

Frank also talks to me about his own childhood, being abandoned by his mother at 11 years old, and how a mentor taught him the importance of serving others.

Frank now has his own children, grand children and great grand children. He offers up some sage advice about finding happiness, respecting others, and why it’s important to teach our children ‘why’.


  • 1m 47s: The story behind Make-A-Wish
  • 6m 25s: If I can do it, anyone can do it
  • 8m 28s: Make-A-Wish: the ultimate side hustle
  • 11m 33s: The Base Honour Guard at Churchill’s funeral 
  • 13m 32s: Working on the Atlas Missile Programme
  • 16m 30s: An incredibly rough childhood
  • 20m 17s: Good things that come from bad ones
  • 21m 05s: Being awarded the President’s Service Award
  • 22m 20s: The importance of family
  • 25m 41s: Wishman: A feature film about my life
  • 29m 04s: I’m a Wish Child!
  • 32m 33s: What would 10 year old Frank’s wish be?
  • 33m 54s: Creating positives from a bad start
  • 35m 42s: Working on a TV show
  • 38m 47s: Frank’s parenting advice

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