Episode 52: Winning back the love of my life, with Tony Simms

Episode 52: Winning back the love of my life, with Tony Simms

Meet Tony: he’s a croupier at a casino in Mayfair, so as you might imagine Coronavirus has hit him hard… especially when you hear what his largest gratuity was! 

Tony’s also a dad… a dad who suffered with post natal depression, which caused the breakdown in his relationship. 

Tony talks incredibly openly about his experiences, and how he’s working hard to rebuild a relationship with the love of his life. 


  • 0m 55s: Lockdown and casinos
  • 1m 48s: Demonising people on Furlough
  • 3m 36s: I miss feeling useful
  • 4m 49s: Learning better money management
  • 6m 18s: Do our spending habits mask our happiness?
  • 7m 43s: Working nights in a casino
  • 9m 17s: The most money you’ve seen one guy bring in
  • 12m 44s: Is it all luck?
  • 14m 47s: Super successful people trying to beat an unbeatable system 
  • 16m 30s: Do you gamble?
  • 17m 20s: How I got into casinos
  • 18m 25s: What’s the biggest gratuity you’ve ever received?
  • 19m 59s: She’s no longer a waitress…
  • 21m 25s: I struggled with becoming a dad
  • 24m 58s: Post natal depression as a dad
  • 29m 27s: I was too selfish to ‘have kids right now’
  • 31m 26s: Trading one set of likes for another
  • 34m 22s: Is there a chance for you and your ex?

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