Episode 50: Keeping it in the family, with Ian McIlroy

Episode 50: Keeping it in the family, with Ian McIlroy

This is a special one for me, as I sit down face-to-face with my Father-in-Law – and editor of The Career Dad Show – Ian. 

We look at Ian’s career of teaching abroad; and what it was like leaving the UK with a young child.

I also ask Ian for his favourite Career Dad episode, how his family dynamic was so alien to me, and what it’s been like for him during lockdown as a Shielded person.


  • 1m 56s: Teaching abroad with the MOD
  • 9m 29s: French, Spanish, German and Greek
  • 13m 05s: Moving abroad with a young kid
  • 16m 16s: Paternity leave: Now and then
  • 18m 10s: What’s your favourite Career Dad Show episode?
  • 21m 31s: Biggest struggles of lockdown
  • 22m 45s: My daughter moved away from home at 16
  • 25m 49s: Retiring, and moving back to the UK
  • 29m 12s: Gratitude for the supporting cast
  • 32m 20s: Being shielded during lockdown
  • 38m 27s: You’re just like The Borg

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