Episode 5: An American abroad: Commuting countries, with Jon Gerst

Episode 5: An American abroad: Commuting countries, with Jon Gerst

Jon has a fantastic job. He works with kids, bringing them from all over the world to learn about US politics and democracy. The emphasis is to give the next generation the tools to have debate, articulate opinions, and create more engaged citizens.

As you’d expect, the majority of Jon’s time is spent in Washington DC. But Jon lives in Toronto. Even it your geography isn’t great… that’s a commute.

In this episode I talk to Jon about how he balances a job he loves with the desire to be at home with family. We talk about relationships, the importance of extended family, and how technology has played a huge role in enabling Jon to keep in touch with his family in the US… and how it keeps him connected to his wife, Lisa, and son Benjamin.

We also ask about the elephant in the room: is society ready for progressive parents?


  • 0m 51s: Welcome Jon Gerst
  • 1m 49s: American summer camps
  • 4m 41s: Jewish overnight camp as a non-Jew
  • 8m 39s: Entrusting your kidโ€™s safety to someone else
  • 10m 00s: Close-up Foundation
  • 13m 28s: Maternity and paternity – US vs Canada
  • 17m 11s: Commuting countries
  • 21m 57s: Appeasing both sets of parents
  • 24m: 07s: Therapy talk, and utilising technology
  • 25m 23s: Your job: an (extended) family decision
  • 26m 30s: Is society ready for progressive fathers?
  • 29m 28s: Would you have benefited from Shared Parental Leave?
  • 31m 40s: Could companies be doing more?
  • 34m 25s: Advice for moving your family away from home

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