Episode 48: Becoming a fitter, healthier dad, with Darren Kirby

Episode 48: Becoming a fitter, healthier dad, with Darren Kirby

Darren was an avid gym-goer who worked a busy job in The City. He thought he was pretty fit until he started training for a Triathlon, and realised he couldn’t swim a pool-length without getting out of breath. 

9 months later – and 28 kilos lighter – Darren’s a different man. He’s now left his corporate job and runs Fitter, Healthier Dad – with a goal to impact 1 million dads.

Darren shares his journey with weightless, getting fitter, and how he’s transformed his life to now be training for the World Ironman Championships. Oh, there’s a little spoiler in this podcast, too.


  • 1m 28s: Losing 28 kgs in 9 months
  • 8m 45s: Weightloss: Should we care about the scales?
  • 11m 52s: The problem with The Western diet
  • 20m 04s: Just change one thing
  • 22m 31s: The benefit of exercise for mental health
  • 25m 28s: Creating Fitter, Healthier Dad
  • 28m 09s: The information is what the information is
  • 30m 17s: Common barriers to making change
  • 32m 17s: Training for an Ironman
  • 34m 12s: My kids’ attitudes to exercise (and screen time)
  • 36m 34s: Running two businesses at the same time
  • 38m 08s: How to find out more about Fitter, Healthier Dad

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