Episode 46: Everyone has a hobby, with Graeme Easton

Episode 46: Everyone has a hobby, with Graeme Easton

This week I speak with Graeme Easton, who… is busy. 

He’s a professional stadium announcer; a podcast host; he started a B2B podcast business… oh, then there’s his ‘proper job’ as a teacher. Throw in 3 kids, including twins, and quite frankly I’m impressed Graeme found time to record with me. 

We talk about how he juggles wearing so many hats, what it was like announcing for the olympics, and quite frankly THE BEST parenting advice I think there’s ever been on this podcast. Let’s dive in.


  • 2m 16s: Wearing a number of hats
  • 6m 30s: Announcing the Olympics
  • 7m 55s: The B2B Podcast business
  • 11m 58s: Teaching: The ‘proper’ job
  • 19m 28s: Dadding with twins
  • 25m 22s: Plans for the future 
  • 31m 13s: Teaching during Covid

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