Episode 45: Not yet a parent, with Maximillian Naza

Episode 45: Not yet a parent, with Maximillian Naza

This week I speak with Maximillian Naza: Googler; Digital Agency Owner; Stand-up comedian; and… not a parent. 

We talk about parenting, as Maximillian prepares for the future, the importance of being open to change, and how Maximillian dealt with the loss of his parents indirectly. 

He’s a fascinating guy – so let’s not waste any time and dive right in to the episode.


  • 0m 33s: Parental theory as a non-parent
  • 5m 43s: Attitudes towards risk
  • 12m 57s: This isn’t what I signed up for
  • 25m 22s: Stand-up comedy: because working at Google and having a side-gig isn’t enough
  • 35m 30s: Shutting down emotionally when I lost my parents
  • 38m 13s: As a non-parent, what do you *think* is the best parental advice?

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