Episode 44: Making People Happy, with Harvey Reid

Episode 44: Making People Happy, with Harvey Reid

This week I’m joined by Harvey Reid (no relation), who’s the Head of Premier Events at Barclays. 

Harvey talks about how he got into the job of ‘making people happy’, and how for him there was never a choice between kids or career. He wanted both. 

We also talk about Harvey’s role in co-chairing the Black Professional Forum, and what it means to be a black father in 2020. Let’s dive in to the episode.


  • 0m 55s: My job didn’t exist 5 years ago
  • 14m 45s: Kids first, or career first… why not both?
  • 18m 52s: Co-charing the Black Professional Forum 
  • 27m 17s: Black fatherhood and stigmatism
  • 31m 33s: Having the conversation about race with our kids

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