Episode 4: After Alexandra: Dealing with loss, with Andrew McLennan

Episode 4: After Alexandra: Dealing with loss, with Andrew McLennan

4 years ago, Andrew’s wife Claire was overdue in her pregnancy and felt something wasn’t right. There wasn’t as much movement. A hospital visit turned into an emergency C-Section, and their daughter Alexandra was born. But she was very sick. The doctors needed Alexandra to rally through the night, but unfortunately she didn’t. With just 40 hours of life, Alexandra passed away.

Andrew’s paternity leave had turned into bereavement leave… but as I learned from speaking with Andrew, bereavement leave isn’t a “thing”. Listen to Andrew’s story about dealing with loss, people’s best and worst responses, and what we can do as a society to try and prevent future parents going through anything like this.

Useful links

Claire’s blog: https://afteralexandra.co.uk
Martin House: https://www.martinhouse.org.uk
Sands: https://www.sands.org.uk
Tommy’s: https://www.tommys.org


  • 0m 48s: Welcome to Andrew
  • 1m 42s: What happened with Alexandra?
  • 8m 15s: Making the hardest phone call
  • 10m 30s: The point of realisation
  • 12m 42s: Vivid dreams
  • 14m 04s: Support for bereaving dads
  • 18m 02s: Going back to work
  • 18m 46s: Supporting Claire
  • 20m 27s: AfterAlexandra.co.uk
  • 21m 06s: People reacting to your story
  • 28m 59s: Different ways of dealing with grief
  • 32m 05s: Deciding on organ donation
  • 35m 55s: Having a second child
  • 38m 25s: Has losing Alexandra changed how you parent Ophelia?
  • 39m 58: Baby Loss Awareness Week (1 in 200)
  • 42m 50s: What can we do to prevent this?
  • 44m 09s: Did you blame anyone?
  • 45m 34s: How people can help
  • 46m 48s: What to do if youโ€™re affected by this episode

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