Episode 3: Living the high life, with James Ward

Episode 3: Living the high life, with James Ward

Meet James: a senior pilot with Emirates, who moved from the UK to Dubai with his wife and son 3 years ago. Since moving he’s had another son, and spends his time flying all over the world in what he calls “his hobby”. When he’s not flying he’s either at home with the family, or enjoying down time in the fantastic cities he finds himself in.

Sounds great, right? Yes… and no. Don’t get me wrong: James loves his life. But it’s hard to fully enjoy amazing experiences when you’re by yourself, when all you really want is for your family to be there enjoying it with you.

Listen to James’ story: from moving abroad and taking kids away from grandparents, to having children overseas, to having to cope with the least 9-5 job there is, to what we – passengers – are really like to deal with. Oh, and there may be some tips on how to get upgraded!

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