Episode 23: Flexa: Job searching with a difference

Episode 23: Flexa: Job searching with a difference

This week I’m joined by Molly Johnson-Jones, Co-Founder of Flexa. Molly’s on a mission to help match candidates with flexible working jobs, right up to C-suite level. 

It’s really hard to know what you’re actually signing up for when a company says ‘Yeah, we embrace flexible working’. Does that mean you can work from home when you absolutely need to, or does it mean that you can manage your day as you see fit?

What’s lacking is an understanding of what individual companies mean when they talk about flexible working. Molly – and Flexa – want to change that.

In this episode we talk about what led Molly to create Flexa, the impact of flexible working on young men, and why presenteeism still exists. I hope you enjoy.


  • 1m 06s: Intro
  • 4m 31s: Flexible working: the impact on young men
  • 6m 45s: Sacked for flexible working
  • 11m 12s: Who holds the keys to flexible working?
  • 12m 23s: Founding Flexa
  • 19m 44s: Hypocrisy around 9-5
  • 26m 17s: Presenteeism isn’t dead
  • 32m 29s: Embrace flexibility to retain talent
  • 35m 34s: International Women’s Day