Episode 10: Being a solo dad, with Michael Ray

Episode 10: Being a solo dad, with Michael Ray

When Michael’s daughter, Charlie, was 2 years old, he was waiting at the drop off point to meet Charlie’s mum. She never turned up. For the last 6 years, Michael has been bringing up his daughter on his own. Oh, and did I mention Michael was 51 when this happened, and is an ex-bouncer, body builder and personal trainer?

Michael delves in to what it was like raising his daughter, fighting stereotypes, and also turning into a campaigner and reformer after being banned from Charlie’s ballet school.


  • Raising my daughter as a single dad
  • Purposefully staying single for 5 years
  • Being really ill puts everything into perspective
  • Sunday = Charlieโ€™s Day
  • How do you manage being a single dad? As a man?
  • Going international: Getting banned from Charlieโ€™s ballet concert
  • Solo dad to public speaker, equality campaigner and reformer
  • Setting kids up for success
  • Hopes for the future

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