Episode 45: Not yet a parent, with Maximillian Naza

As a non-parent, I was interested to get Maximillian’s take on parenting. We talk about why he’s investing time into parental research, what it’s like being a Googler, and how stand-up comedy helped him with losing his parents.

Episode 44: Making People Happy, with Harvey Reid

As the Head of Premier Events, Harvey’s job is to make people happy. It’s a job that takes him all over the country, which has its pros and cons.

Harvey also talks about what it means to be a black father in 2020, and how he’s approaching the conversation of race with his kids.

Episode 43: Flexibility: The Great Equaliser, with James Vale

Flexibility has allowed James to pursue his career, whilst being an active father, and support his wife’s career too. So how has lockdown impacted this?

Episode 42: The Science Behind Meditation, with Naianna Robertsson

Naianna’s a neuroscientist who specialises in meditation. We talk about the hard science vs the fad of meditation, how to become ‘in the moment’, and the secret to forming successful habits.

Episode 41: Building a home, with Paul Trudel-Payne

Paul talks about growing up in the US as a bi-racial gay man, as well as going through the adoption process with his husband.