Episode 37: Work, Family and Lockdown – with Joe Quattrone

Joe – Senior Vice President at The Sasha Group – shares his story about marketing and agency life, particularly working for Gary Vee, as well as his plans for the future.

Episode 36: #AskDan – Authentic networking with LinkedIn

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Keep hearing that LinkedIn is great for your career, but unsure where to get started? This is for you…

Episode 35: Winning through Redundancy, with Steve Preston

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Redundancy can be a stressful time, but it can also be an opportunity. Steve talks about how to make sure it’s the latter.

Episode 34: The Pursuit of Meaning, with Sean Sheppard

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When you talk to yourself negatively, ask yourself: would you talk to anyone else in this way? Then why would you allow yourself to talk to you in this way?

Episode 33: Born to win, conditioned to fail – with Sam Dossa

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By the age of 7, we’re conditioned by those around us. So what can we do to be conscious of that and make sure we’re following the beat to our own drum?

Episode 32: The Power of Play, with Anita Cleare

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Parenting expert Anita Cleare talks about guilt, key themes for working parents and the power of play.

Episode 31: The Human Side of Business, with Lewis Maleh

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Businesses have talked the ‘customer-centric’ talk for a long time. Are they now walking the walk?