Episode 52: Winning back the love of my life, with Tony Simms

Tony shares how post natal depression isn’t just a ‘mum thing’ and how it ended up destroying the relationship with his fiancé.

It’s an incredibly important conversation, but there’s more to Tony than PND. For starters, he’s a croupier. And you’ll never guess the biggest gratuity he’s received in one go!

Episode 51: Harnessing Success through Habits and Attitudes, with Erik Swanson

Erik ‘Mr Awesome’ Swanson shares how you can harness success through habits, and why we need to not allow people to rent space in our mind.

This episode is filled with laughs and lots of energy… enjoy!

Episode 50: Keeping it in the family, with Ian McIlroy

Ever wondered what it would be like to interview your Father-in-law? Well, I did it… and this is what happened.

Oh, video footage of the whole interview is available, too.

Episode 49: Becoming a dad 16 weeks early, with Mike Grinberg

Pick up your phone and put it in the palm of your hand. That’s the size – and weight – of Mike’s daughter when she was born at 24 weeks.

Episode 48: Becoming a fitter, healthier dad, with Darren Kirby

Darren shares his journey with weightless, getting fitter, and how he’s transformed his life to now be training for the World Ironman Championships. Oh, there’s a little spoiler in this podcast, too.

Episode 47: Blogger to international sports commentator, with Jonathan Bullard

When Jonathan’s daughter was 9 months old, he accepted redundancy from his corporate job to pursue his passion in sports broadcasting. Now, he travels the world doing what he loves.

Episode 46: Everyone has a hobby, with Graeme Easton

Graeme Easton is… busy. He’s a professional stadium announcer; a podcast host; he started a B2B podcast business… oh, then there’s his ‘proper job’ as a teacher. Then throw in 3 kids, including twins. We have a lot to talk about!