S2Ep1: Twinning the Multidad

Instagram influencer The Multidad joins me to talk about twins, lockdown, social media and imposter syndrome

Episode 64: How Angels Are Made, with Bryson Thompson

How are angels made? When Bryson’s mom passed away, he thought about how to communicate this with his son. So he wrote a book about it.

Episode 63: I’ll do it when…, with Chris Thomas

There’s so many times we say ‘I’ll do it when…’, when what we really mean is ‘I’m scared to’. Chris changed his ‘when’ to ‘now’, and he’s never looked back.

Episode 62: Everyone Starts from Somewhere, with Ruben Gonzalez

4 Olympics in 4 different decades is a pretty rare achievement… but that’s Ruben’s story. We talk Luge, kids, and how to make your own success

Episode 61: Shut The Freak Up, with Joseph McClendon III

At 17, a racially-motivated attack left resulted in Josepg becoming homeless. He talks about his journey to building himself back up.

Empowering Fathers Chris Salem The Career Dad Show Promo

Episode 60: Empowering Fathers, with Chris Salem

Chris had a successful sales career, with the highs and the lows that came with it. He now runs EFA: Empowering Fathers in Action.

Unlearn the Fear of Public Speaking Brenden Kuramasamy

Episode 59: Unlearn the fear of Public Speaking, with Brenden Kumarasamy

Despite being in his early 20s, Brenden has presented more times than most of us ever have… or will. He shares his experience, as well as top tips to unlearning the fear of public speaking.

The Pursuit of Perfection Jonathan Horton

Episode 58: The Pursuit of Perfection, with Jonathan Horton

Olympian Gymnast, American Ninja Warrior star and all-round nice guy Jonathan Horton joins me to share his story of getting to the Olympics, and why it’s so important to set goals and visualise them.

The key phrase that sticks out for me is when Jonathan says: ‘People give up on success because they haven’t seen a version of success that they want’. That’s powerful!

Greg Reid The Career Dad Show

Episode 57: Be kind to your future self, with Greg Reid

Greg Reid is a 32-time best selling author; film maker; founder of The Secret Knock, he runs 6 businesses… and he even has a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. 

But he’s also a proud dad. 

We talk about Greg’s upbringing and entrepreneurial spirit, the importance of seeking counsel, not opinion, and why the fear of judgement is holding us back.

Podcast cover Episode 56 The Career Dad Show Dan Reed Ross Burbeary

Episode 56: The most important thing (at that time), with Ross Burbeary

Ross is the Performance Manager for Rotherham United Football Club; basically, he helps professional athletes to be at the top of their game. 

But it’s not just science; it’s empathy, too. There’s so much packed into this episode, including a look at performance anxiety and the impact fans can have on an athlete’s wellbeing.

Ross’ job sees him spending time away from his wife and kids, and as he puts it: ‘I can’t put the phone away in the bottom drawer… what if a player needs a medical first thing in the morning?’

Episode 55: Lemons to Lemonade, with Arn Terry

Arn was more prepared for Covid than most, based on what he went through in the 2008 recession. A 6-figure salary melted away, meaning Arn had to hustle.

He sold his top-of-the-range Audi, bought an ‘absolute banger’ (his words), and picked up a second job doing the night shift at Tesco.

It was incredibly tough, especially as Arn and his wife had just had their first baby. But those experiences helped shape where he is today, and he’s gone a tonne of wisdom to share.