Career Dad is born

You know it’s official when there’s a whiteboard

Sitting in the swivel chair in my home office, I was getting restless. Two weeks into my three-week paternity leave and my mind was crying out for stimulation. Don’t get me wrong – I loved spending time with my wife, son and new baby daughter. It was amazing that I could switch off from work and get to grips with the new dynamic of our family. But I don’t do well with “rest”.

I’d been thinking about the next articles to write for LinkedIn. A couple of suggestions had come my way: to write about my experience of paternity leave; and, to write about working from home with a baby in the house. This led me to think about balance (as I don’t agree with “work / life balance”… that’s another story…), and actually how difficult and isolating paternity leave can be for some people.

I loved being a new dad again and building a relationship with my daughter… but I also missed work.

I can hear the backlash now. “You should get your priorities straight”. “Enjoy time away from the office”. And I get it. The problem is, I love work. I love helping people, solving problems and feeling useful. And I love my family. These two priorities can often cause conflict as they compete with one another. So for guys like me – and there are plenty of us – where do you go to speak about this… without being judged or receiving a condescending response?

What if there was a space where guys can get together and share their experiences around the desire for a successful career, and the desire to be the best dad they can be?

That’s how the idea of Career Dad was born. What if this space built a community of professionals allowing them to network, but also socialise. What if it hosted articles tackling some of these difficult subjects, as well as a Podcast series with amazing stories from like-minded people.

That place doesn’t exist yet. But it will. This is what I am building Career Dad to be.

It’s still very early days… but I do now have a whiteboard! I’m currently working on the website launch, setting up the social channels, creating the LinekdIn Groups and sorting out the Podcast. I have to say, the first few guests I’ve got lined up are amazing.

There’s so much to do and I can’t do it alone. Thankfully, I’m not alone. I’m blessed with a supporting, loving wife who is the first to tell me if I’ve had a stupid idea, and also understands that some nights I may be sit in my office gone midnight tinkering with ideas.

I’ve also been blown away by the support of complete strangers for Career Dad. It’s been incredibly reassuring – particularly in these early days – to have people I don’t know believe in what it is I am trying to build.

I don’t know what the future of Career Dad looks like. Maybe the reason this doesn’t exist yet is because there isn’t value in it. But I don’t think that’s the case. Whilst I don’t know the destination, I’m excited for the journey. If it at least gives people a voice who previously didn’t have one then I’ll be happy.

If you have any ideas for Career Dad, or want to get involved, please do drop me a line at

Thanks for all your support.



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